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Q. What is the guarantee exactly?

A. We will agree outcomes with you at the start, and we guarantee that you will meet those outcomes. For our NVQs, we guarantee that you will be successful, and if you have paid a fee for the course, we will refund it if you are not. (This does not apply to government-funded courses.)

Q. So is this just another of these internet offers to get a diploma without doing any work?

A. Not at all! To claim on the guarantee you must have completed all the coursework and assessments, including any resits if necessary.

Q. Do you just pass everyone so you never have to honour the guarantee?

A. We can't do that! To offer NVQs, we have to maintain recognised national standards. Coursework is assessed by an independent verifier, so any discrepancies would quickly come to light. Spot checks are also made at all levels, and we would lose our right to offer qualifications if we passed people who had not made the grade.

Q. How can you be so certain that participants will pass?

A. Our personalised service gives students an edge. We have found that our teaching methods work with people of all abilities and all ages. We have taught people who have been out of formal education for 30 years and more, and right from the start we help people grow in confidence about their ability to learn.

We also believe in forming lasting relationships. Our clients value our ongoing support. We offer phone and email support for the duration of the course.

But if a participant does not pass, we will honour the guarantee without question.

Taking one of our courses really is risk-free.

This brief FAQ should answer all your questions about our guarantee,
but if you have any further queries, please email

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