Transformance Training offers a wide range of both half-day and one-day workshops.  These can be combined into a series or offered as one-offs to solve a specific problem in your workplace. They can also be added to our team building days and NVQs.

Everything we do is custom-designed to meet your needs.

Below are just some of the workshops we can offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us. We have experts in many fields and we can create a programme to meet the precise needs of your business:

Appraisals and Supervisions

Conflict Management

Creative Problem Solving


Moving From Friend to Manager

Project Management

Time Management

Regular one-to-one contact with your staff is essential. This is true when performance is good and critical when it is poor.

How do you make best use of the time?

Are appraisals and supervision seen as integral, or as an add-on, squeezed in when and where possible?

We can help you re-evaluate how you appraise and supervise, turning it into a positive, effective win-win activity for you and your staff.

Conflict is an inevitable part of people management.

Handled correctly, it can be defused and used as an opportunity for change.

Mishandle it and self-confidence and team morale can be destroyed.

This workshop not only gives you effective communication techniques but time to practice them – because practice makes permanent.

Do you want a new way of looking at problems? In fact, do you want to really see them for the challenges and opportunities that they are?

In this fast-paced, fun half-day workshop, you will learn how to effectively brainstorm and find creative and workable solutions to the problems facing your business.

Delegation can be one of the hardest skills for managers to master. Yet delegation frees up their time and develops their staff.

Done correctly, delegation is a fantastic win-win solution. Done badly, it is a fiasco with enormous costs.

This half-day workshop will give you an easy-to-use technique for analysing the job and the skills needed – and finding the right person to do it.

Congratulations! You have the well-deserved promotion.

Now you are managing people you were having coffee with on equal terms last week. How do you make the transition from friend to manager?

Learn about your management style, about how those around you may need to be managed, and come away with an action plan to ease the transition.

De-mystify and understand project management in this half-day workshop.

There are simple yet very effective techniques to ensure that your project is successfully completed.

We will take you through planning, staff involvement, review and on-going monitoring of your project.

The techniques you will learn can be applied to any project, large or small, in any industry.

Everyone gets 60 minutes in an hour.

The secret is maximising how you manage that time – work smarter, not longer.

This half-day workshop covers the 4Ds of time management:-

    • Do it
    • Decide about it
    • Delegate it
    • Dump it

Most importantly, it leaves you with an action plan to ensure that you are making the best use of your time.